PAHA Staff


Joe Guillory

Executive Director
FAX: 409.983.7803

Shanel Dixon

Director of Affordable Housing
FAX: 409.983.7803

Wendy Bledsoe

Finance Analyst/HR
FAX: 409.983.7803

Horatio Dumas

Finance Manager
FAX: 409.983.7803

Paula Ede

Executive Assistant
FAX: 409.983.7803

Yolanda Wiltz

Procurement Officer
FAX 409.983.7803

Housing Choice Voucher Program


HCV Counselor for A - Collins, R.

Marlene Vazquez

HCV Counselor for Collins, T. - Heath, A.
F: 409-984-2679

Jennifer Cano

HCV Counselor for Heath, L. - Lovela, Al.
F: 409-984-2679

Shelly Christian

HCV Counselor for Lovela, As - Robertson, C.
F: 409-983-4696

Lekesha Williams

HCV Counselor for Robertson, D.- Weathersby
F: 409-983-4696

Lydia Williams

HCV Supervisor / VASH / Portability / Counselor for Weaver - Z
F: 409-985-9072

Anicia Salinas

HCV Program Manager


Terry Chatham

Admissions Clerk
P: 409-982-6498

Jessica Ghanim

HCV & Inspections Clerk
P: 409-984-2645
F: 409-983-4696

Destinee Seltzer

HCV & Inspections Clerk
P: 409-984-2629
F: 409-984-2679

Jacquelynn Orr

Accounting Clerk
P: 409-984-2623
F: 409-982-0781

Jennifer Henderson

Accounting Clerk
P: 409-984-2658
F: 409-982-0781

Kenedi Wright

P: 409-984-2619

Elizabeth Dugas

HCV, RAD, PBV & Inspections Clerk

RAD Program and Affiliate Properties

Samantha Briscoe Jordan

PBV / RAD Counselor
P: 409-984-2620
F: 409-982-4104

Tonja Roberts

Lead Property Manager at BB, VV, BP and LVP
P: 409-984-2690

Tonya Womack

Assistant Property Manager at Bellbrook
P: 409-984-2691

Stacey Roberts

Assistant Property Manager at Brittany Place
P: 409-984-2694

Dinisha Antoine

Assistant Property Manager at Valley View
P: 409-984-2690

Cynthia Harris

Assistant Property Manager at Lake View Palms
P: 409-984-2690