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920 DeQueen Boulevard
Port Arthur, Texas 77640
Phone: 409-982-6442
Fax: 409-984-2679 or 409-983-4696

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Executive Office
Seledonio "Cele" Quesada, Executive Director 409-984-2621
Shanel Dixon, Director of Affordable Housing 409-984-2634
Brittany Doucette, Executive Assistant 409-984-2624
Alyce, Williams, Procurement Officer 409-984-2660
Samantha Briscoe, HCV Counselor II 409-984-2620
Horatio Dumas, Manager of Finance 409-984-2628
Bryan Thompson, Accountant 409-984-2623
Jennifer Henderson, Accounting Clerk 409-984-2658
Wendy Bledsoe, Finance Analyst/HR 409-984-2637
Noel Ozen, Portfolio Manager 409-986-2697  Lake View Palms
Noel Ozen, Porfolio Manager 409-984-2682 Valley View
Noel Ozen, Portfolio Manager 409-984-2696 Bellbrook Estates
Noel Ozen, Portfolio Manager 409-984-2643 Brittany Place
Tonja Roberts, Asst. Property Manager 409-984-2690 Valley View
Stacey Roberts, Asst. Property Manager 409-984-2694 Brittany Place
Angela DeCluitt, Asst. Property Manager 409-984-2691 Bellbrook Estates
Section 8
Anicia Salinas, HVC Program Manager   409-984-2648  
Lydia Williams, HVC Supervisor  409-984-2635 Washington, Shay – Z   
Berlinsia Gallentine, HVC Counselor
409-984-2631 A – Carg
Aletra Bowman, HCV Counselor
409-984-2626 Carl – Fontenot, C.
Yolanda Morris-Wiltz, HCV Counselor 409-984-2698 Fontenot, D. – Holloman, D.
Shawntel Guillory, HCV Counselor 409-984-2970 Holloman, M. – Lee, MA
A. Wise' Overflow   409-984-2640 Lee, ME – OV
Tatanisha Milton, HCV Counselor 409-984-2669 OW – Sims, BE
Shelly Christian, HCV Couns 409-984-2625 Sims, BR – Washington, Shan
Jaclyn Herrington, HCV & Inspections Clerk 409-984-2629  
Christina Dornan, HCV & Inspections Clerk 409-984-2645  
Steyphaney Borel, HCV Admissions Clerk 409-984-2632  
Sandra Soliz, Receptionist 409-984-2619